What is P2P.Surf?

P2P.Surf is a virtual public network, also known as a VPN. A VPN is a community of users who create an encrypted tunnel which allows community members to transmit information that is encrypted, private and secure. A VPN maximizes your freedom to browse the internet unhindered by tracking, advertisements or censorship of any kind.

Why Do We Need It?

The Internet is both the world's biggest library and the greatest communication device ever invented. Thirty years ago, the idea that we could instantly share information with anyone in the world for free was the stuff of science fiction. Now the Internet is such a part of our daily lives that we couldn't live without it.

Unfortunately, the Internet of today is actually more restrictive than the environment we enjoyed ten years ago. Your online activities are tracked. Your data is sold to third parties. Your communications are not secure. This means you cannot browse the Internet anonymously, and your activities could expose you to censorship, identity theft, and third-party tracking. However, if you use P2P.Surf, the entire world of free surfing will be open to you.

How Does It Work?

P2P.Surf gives you access to a VPN anytime, anywhere! Once you join our VPN, your Internet traffic will be routed through other devices, or nodes, in the network. These devices are provided by other members of the community. This means your identity will be more difficult for third parties to track. When your device is idle, other members of the community may be routed through your device when they surf the Internet. Community members will never have access to your personal information. Instead, your device essentially becomes a router that enables other traffic to move freely. This collaboration creates a secure network online that is only open to other people who care about safety, security and anonymity as much as you do.

What are the Benefits of P2P.Surf?

This is the cool part. By joining our community, you get the following benefits:

  • Private Internet browsing – You will no longer be tracked by websites, banner ads, social media, and others who are watching your every move. We let you be invisible to the prying eyes of government, corporations, and hackers.
  • No restricted sites – If you live in a country where some websites are censored, VPN will let you reach those sites without problems or detection.
  • Immediate downloads – Play games and download videos and other content instantly, with no tedious downloading.

Competitive Intelligence

Mask your affiliation for accurate information on competitor websites

Investment Intelligence

Keep your corporate investment research private and safe from leaks

Criminal or Fraud Investigation

Avoid being misdirected to "innocent" content while collecting evidence

Keyword Ranking Verification

Verify your keyword search result rankings

Pricing Research

Gain unbiased price information for your market

How Do I Access P2P.Surf?

Once you install the vpn on your computer, you can access the network through your browser, we are compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explore, Edge, Linux, and Firefox. To become a member, you must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Is P2P.Surf Really Free?

Yes, it's really free! We believe the Internet should be free and accessible for everyone, regardless of where they live or what they do.

How Can My Company Benefit from P2P.Suf?

Businesses use P2P networks to communicate with remote workers and exchange video, voice and other data. Since businesses are relying on the Internet to exchange information, it is essential that the information be private. The premium service provides greater anonymity; faster download speeds, and more precise IP address masking.

Will P2P.Surf Make Money from Selling My Information?

No. The network will never sell your information.

Does P2P.Surf Use My Bandwidth?

Like other P2P networks such as Skype, P2P uses your device when you are not using it. This shared resource model works because it has so many members that only a small fraction of your bandwidth is actually used to route traffic. We already have more than 100,000 community members collaborating to create our network. That means when traffic is routed through your device, the amount is so small it amounts to mere minutes of your allocated bandwidth.

Can P2P.Surf Get Around Geoblocking?

Yes, P2P.Surf is the antidote to geoblocking. There are many regional restrictions on website access. This impacts journalists and political dissidents who need to fight censorship. But geoblocking also impacts people just like you, who want to access sites and devices in other countries. Want to use the BBC iPlayer but don't live in the UK? P2P.Surf will route your traffic through the network so it appears as if you are visiting the site from somewhere in Great Britain.

Will Other Members of the Community Have Access to My Data?

No. Your HTTP requests are processed the same way that HTTP web proxies do, by acting as intermediaries for the traffic without receiving information about the user or the user's IP address.

Can I Access P2P.Surf From More Than One Device?

In order to access P2P.Surf from more than one device, you need to have a separate account for each one. This is because the network uses each individual device as a pass-through for web traffic. Just install it on any device you like for Free.

Will P2P.Surf Impact My Anti-Virus Software?

Anti-Virus software should not have any impact on your ability to surf freely with P2P.Surf. However, occasionally anti-virus software will mark a file related to P2P.Surf as unsafe. This a false positive. We are working closely with anti-virus vendors to make sure we are completely whitelisted.

Could Criminals, Hackers or Other People Up to No Good Access the Network?

No. P2P.Surf does not attract those who want to steal your information. First, people who are up to no good would not want to join a service where they need to become public members. Second, they prefer to target people who are using unsecured and unencrypted networks. Third, joining the network would not benefit these nefarious people, since the data is still secured and off-limits to them. It is far easier for a criminal to simply target unsecured wifi and Internet traffic. P2P.Surf is also a commercial network which is managed and monitored. This makes it a different experience than non-commercial VPNs like Tor.

How Do I Stay Updated About the Latest Upgrades to the Service?

We are constantly striving to provide you with the most updated information and security. Refer to our homepage for our latest news.